Our Economical and Multi-Purpose Light:

Mac Cover™ Luminaire Kit (Item MCVRLK)

Black Textured Shimmer Mac Cover Luminaire Kit (Item MCVRLK)


The Mac Cover™ Luminaire Kit is ideal for "lighting up" the outdoors. (Item - MCVRLK)

Mac Cover™ - The 5" square decorative cover concealing the junction box, required by the NEC (National Electrical Code).

This "Lighting Kit" is designed to illuminate outdoor living spaces and areas, keeping them functional and safe for your use after the sun sets.  It provides lighting to those outdoor areas you want to illuminate for security and highlight for aesthetics.

Economical:  This "Lighting Kit" comes complete with the components needed for a code compliant, safe, easy and quick installation by a licensed electrical contractor.  We even include "Extra" hardware in the Kit.  No wasting time running around for parts and materials increasing labor and material costs.  This saves the owner time and money.  And it will pass the electrical inspection. 

Maintenance Friendly:  We provide you with the information and teach you how to maintain your investment so you can enjoy it for many years.  No need to call expensive service companies for the maintenance.  This saves the owner time and money.

Non-metallic. Corrosion resistant. Suitable for wet locations.

Made for harsh marine environments. Replacement parts available.

This Mac Cover Luminaire Kit comes complete with:

  • Non-metallic nautical fixture (black, white, or optional custom finish.)
  • Non-metallic Mac-Cap Luminaire Slip Fitter and weatherproof gasket
  • Non-metallic decorative Mac-Cover™ (plain or notched)
  • Non-metallic 4" round junction box
  • Non-metallic leveling shims
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Lamp Types - LED, Compact Fluorescent, Incandescent (60 Watt Max). (Lamps Not Included)

Option:  Flat Piling Cap